Knowing your therapy!

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I see a lot of people on Twitter and Facebook especially looking for recommendations for therapists or searching online for the closest therapist to them.

When you look for a therapist, be it sports massage, sports therapy or Physio……do you know how good they are before you turn up?

The difficulty is that every therapist will try and tell you that they can help and that they are the best (in many cases). For me it comes down to 2 things if you’re going to choose who to get treatment from:

1-Honesty – no therapist should EVER tell you that they can FIX your problem/injury/issue etc with 100% certainty. They should be confident that they can help and walk you through the process of what they plan to do and how to help, but there is NEVER a guarantee that anything can be fixed (however many of us can be pretty damn sure that we should be able to improve upon the problem!).

2-Do they know what they’re on about? And do they keep striving to improve?

If your therapist is happy with what they know and believes that they’ve learnt everything there is about any particular thing…….I’m afraid they’re severely disillusioned. We’ve all got so much more to learn and even the people teaching courses across the world, the good ones at least, admit that they have more to learn and to study.


So find someone that knows their field but is still striving to improve and that is willing to admit if they have come to a point where someone else may be better qualified to deal with something, as there is never one single individual that knows it all, and a good therapist is aware of that!

Personally, for me, when looking for a soft tissue therapist, sports therapist, sports massage practitioner, I would always ask about Fascia and STR or ART as these show that the therapist has gone on and learnt about other ways to manipulate the soft tissue to try and get the best response from the body.

So go find your ideal therapist!!

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