What happens during a session

Sports massage and Soft Tissue Therapy is the manipulation of muscles, fascia and other soft tissue in the body with or without the use of oil and can be done through clothing or towels depending on the techniques to be used or the requirements of thesession.  The initial treatment will start with a consultation to take down contact details, followed by past and current medical history and then details of the issue in question.  Depending on the problem/injury or issue that is presented, the individual would be assessed regarding their wants and what would be considered best by both you and the practitioner.  Treatment would usually follow a clinical approach and focus on the use of soft tissue and myofascial release to get a functional response from the body that ideally can be seen immediately .  This style of treatment is especially beneficial for anyone suffering with recurring problems or injuries or anyone with specific areas of tension or restricted movement.

James Ogle at desk with clientA massage used more for relaxation would generally start with gentle movements to warm up the skin and muscles. Then moving on to applying more pressure as the muscle becomes accustomed to the depth of the work. From there, the practitioner would generally follow the route of addressing any areas of tension or tightness in the muscles and applying pressure to the area to help the muscle relax.

Other treatment options available also include:

IASTM – Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation

Acupuncture/Dry Needling